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Civitan Criminal Justice Club at Vol State Highlights the Importance of Clubs 

Last updated on October 19, 2022

By: Delaney Holman

The Civitan Criminal Justice Club at Volunteer State Community College is no longer active after providing amazing opportunities and resources to students. 

Civitan is an international “Organization of community service clubs dedicated to helping others” according to the civitan website, “There are Civitan clubs in more than 35 countries around the world, all working to make a difference.”  

Kevin Cook, associate criminal justice professor originally started a Vol State Criminal Justice Club focusing on the skills and topic of criminal justice, as well as study abroad. 

According to the Vol State Website the club “Provides fellowship and knowledge to its members,” Cook elaborated by sharing Civitan also helped members, “Get involved in more community and support.” 

Civitan at Vol State was short lived as Cook said, “We did this ya know maybe a year before the pandemic or so, and by the time we got things kind of going a little bit, ya know it kind of all went down with the pandemic.”  

Cook said, the lack of the Civitan club and other clubs at Vol State is “Unfortunate because they are great.” 

Vol State even highlights on the Vol State Clubs and Organizations page that  

“Students who participate in clubs/organizations will 

  1. Develop on-the-job-skills such as fiscal management/budgeting, record keeping, and event planning. 
  1. Identify skills on how to collaborate with others and work in a team atmosphere. 
  1. Recognize professionalism through personal accountability such as time management, attitude, and work ethic.” 

Because of this loss the students at Vol State are missing out on “Welcome Days, Fall Festival, Spring Fling, and Study Abroad,” according to the Vol State Website.  

Yet, despite the lack of Civitan at Vol State, Cook mentioned SkillsUSA at Vol State.  

According to Vol State Students Compete in SkillsUSA: Off to Nationals “SkillsUSA is a partnership of students, educators, and industry workers that come together to ensure America has a skilled workforce.” SkillsUSA does this, “…by understanding what skills need to be taught for maximum potential in students transitioning out of school and into their careers.” 

Members of SkillsUSA at Vol State recently competed in April, “…in three different sections (all of which they won): Information Technology Services (ITS), Criminal Justice (CJ), and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI).” 

“Part of having a club too at a college level is just learning about being involved,” Cook stated. 

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