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Club Spotlight: Cybersecurity Club Keeping Students Cyber Secured

By: Thomas Matchell

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting your device from an online attack through different sources of digital software. At Volunteer State Community College, the Cybersecurity club allows students to partake in, “Programming, networking, and security.” 

The Cybersecurity club offers different cyber events and competitions for students to partake in if they choose to expand their involvement; the events are: Global Cyberlympics, US Cyber Challenge, CyberPatriot, NSA Codebreaker Challenge, National Cyber Analyst Challenge, Cybersecurity Conferences In Tennessee, Middle TN Cyber Conference, National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Conference, Community College Cyber Summit (3CS), and Women in CyberSecurity. 

The biggest host of these competitions is the Global Cyberlympics. In the About column on the website, the following competitions are “Digital Forensics, Web Application Exploitation, System Exploitation, Malware Analysis, Reverse Engineering, Cryptography and Trivia.” Their goal as said in the mission statement is to “educate the global community, especially in developing nations and third world countries on the issues of Information security.” 

The club lets students train for, “Volunteer State Collegiate Cyber Defense (VSCC) and other competitions,” and give the opportunity to listen to guest speakers that may enhance their desire to learn more about cybersecurity. 

“The Cybersecurity Club is a student-run club with the goal of providing outside-of-class activities relevant to industry. Our goal is to expand our knowledge of cybersecurity and information security through hands-on experience and direct interaction with professionals in the field,” said club advisor, Dr. Abbas Imam

“The VSCC Cybersecurity Club competes in cyber security competitions, such as the National Cyber League (NCL) competition, jeopardy-style CTF competitions to give members the opportunity to apply the theory and skills that they have acquired” said Imam. 

Cybersecurity even has its own month, starting this October. Cybersecurity awareness month focuses on making sure people aware of their online activity and protecting themselves from digital threats. It reminds people to use lengthy passwords, use multi-authentication, and be aware of any information that needs to be verified.  

“If you have a passion to learn more about all that goes into cyber security and maintaining secure systems, this is the place!” exclaimed Imam.   

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