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Club Spotlight: Get Connected to the Community with Volunteer State’s Future Educators Club 

By: Delaney Holman

The Future Educators Club at Vol State is working hard to connect with the community, while setting up students for success in the field of education. 

The Future Educators Club, “Provides students with an understanding that as you become an educator, you’re not just a teacher in the classroom. That you are gonna be responsible for connecting with resources and communities, and different people in your, in your neighborhood to kind of help support your students,” shared Stacey Nieman, one of the club’s faculty advisors, and a member of Vol States Early Childhood Education Faculty. 

The second club faculty advisor expanded on that explanation, “We are a club that plans and helps community schools and organizations with various educational needs,” said Penelope Duncan a member and department chair of the Early Childhood Education Faculty. 

The club began, “In 2018 we tried to get the club together,” said Nieman, “we had three students that kind of pushed real hard, they got it working.” 

That is until, “The pandemic happened, and so we haven’t really had a club. We are trying to get it back now that this semester students are back on campus,” explained Nieman. 

Which they are, as the club prepares for going to, “The shalom zone next month to help with their after-school tutoring,” shared Duncan.

“We are trying to pull together, Dr.Duncan and I, in March for read across America,” said Nieman. 

The NEA’s Read Across America, “Is the nation’s largest celebration of reading,” according to the NEA’s Read Across America website. 

For this event, the Future Educators club is planning, “A family night at our library on campus,” shared Nieman, “bring the different communities together and have little reading stations probably for children on campus.” 

The Future Educators Club highlights that, “It’s important as educators, future educators to give back to the community and serve. Be a part of schools and make those connections, and partnerships with schools and leaders that serve families in Sumner County,” mentioned Duncan. 

Students should think about joining the Future Educators Club because, “Service learning and getting involved in the community helps students make those connections in the community, and helps secure jobs,” Duncan assured.

“Connecting with their peers on campus, I think at a community college its harder to find ya know, a group of people that are like-minded. The club allows them to connect with others that have similar goals as them and make lifelong friends,” Nieman added. 

“Everyone can join whenever,” Nieman said.  

Just contact either Stacey Nieman, or Penelope Duncan,  

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