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Coach Johnny Lynn notches 1,000 wins

Last updated on June 25, 2022

By Julio Gautreaux

The Lady Pioneers softball coach at Volunteer State Community College, Coach Johnny Lynn, just hit his 1000 win as the head coach of the softball team at Vol State. Coach Lynn reached 1000 career wins last month, but on April 19 at the Gallatin Campus softball field, Johnny Lynn reached 1000 wins as the head coach of Vol State.

Coach Lynn has been head coach at Vol State for the past 28 years. During the 28 years at Vol State the softball team has earned 1000 wins, six state championships and a trip to the JUCO World Series in 2011.

On April 23 the college celebrated this accomplishment. Dr. Warren Nichols, president of Vol State in 2011 and the current President Dr. Orinthia Montague, with also 35 previous Lady Pioneer softball players attended the event.

Johnny Lynn received a commemorative bat, ball and two banners that will hang at Nichols field at the Gallatin campus.

“This achievement means a lot to our overall athletic program and definitely our softball program It says a lot about the institution when a coach has enjoyed this level of success since 1993.  Johnny has been a wonderful asset to Vol State as well as a great friend. This just means a lot to everyone.” Said Vol State’s Director of Athletics Bobby Hudson.

According to the Vol State sports website this season so far, the Lady Pioneers softball team have an overall record of 42-7 with a 14-win win streak. They have gone 33-6 at home and 9-1 away.

“This season has been amazing. I would say it’s one of the best seasons I have had playing softball. We still have a few games left and we’re going to finish strong, but so far this season has been fun,” said Lady Pioneer softball player Gabi Apiag.

The Lady Pioneers have four games left in the season against Motlow State Community College. These games will be away games.

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