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Coach Key takes over Men’s Basketball Team

By: Thomas Matchel

Coach Theotis Key takes on the role of head coach for the men’s basketball team for Volunteer State Community College. 

Key, the women’s basketball coach for several years now, recently took over the men’s team after the retirement of former coach, Rusty Melvin. 

“I’ve told the captains of the women’s team, if you ever feel like that I’m not fully engaged or not giving it my all, let me know. Pull me into the office and tell me coach you’re slacking with us; you aren’t pushing us as hard,” said Key. 

Key started his coaching for the men’s basketball team on short notice against Roane State Community College on Dec. 3 losing in a tight game 75-79. 

“The very next day we had a game, so that led me being the most logical choice. I do know that the position will be opened up and do an extensive search for the next head coach, whoever that person will be will come in,” said Key.   

The Pioneers have already won more games this season with coach Key than former coach, Melvin.  

In their most recent game against Motlow State Community College, they pulled a blowout of a win, 89-68. In the first match-up against Motlow State with coach Melvin, Vol State lost 92-81. 

“We really got a brand-new system, now we’re really playing as a team. We got structure, a lot more discipline than we had and really just moving the ball more. It’s coming day by day through effort, step by step we’re getting better,” said guard Ty Bryant. 

Bryant led the Pioneers to victory against Motlow State, by gaining himself 29 points with seven three-pointers on 63.6 percent shooting behind the arc. 

The Pioneers, who are currently 5-14, have seven games remaining in the season. Two of the remaining seven teams have already been defeated once this season; Cleveland State Community College and Jackson State Community College. Jackson State was defeated under coach Key’s reign. 

The team has been gaining a lot of momentum with coach Key as head coach. 

“Our third or fourth practice together, he took us out to eat we all went and ate as a team. It feels like a family environment now and not one player here one player that,” said Bryant. 

Feature Photo Credit- Ball All Day youtube

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