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Erik Been art exhibit featured at Vol State

Last updated on March 9, 2019

By Shelby Leighton

Located on the first floor of the humanities building, Volunteer State Community College Gallery began showing the exhibition, “Some Sort of Conclusion,” of Las Vegas artist Erik Beehn.

Beehn’s art exhibit will be showcased on the first floor of the humanities building until Feb. 14th.

While sparking the interest of those who enjoy art, others are able to use this current exhibit as a resource for the discussion of the book, The Yellow Wallpaper, by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the inspiration for these works of art. The visual representations of the story are meant to begin conversations around agency and empathy.

Photo by Shelby Leighton
Photo by Shelby Leighton

Beehn’s exhibit brings the story to life through illustrated wallpaper designed and printed by the artist, as well as silkscreen prints that reveal layers of text. By reworking found imagery through a process of erasing, painting, photographing, and printing, Beehn is able to help bridge the gap between the words in the page, and a visual interpretation of the narrative.

These efforts have not gone unnoticed, as students have already begun their discussions on the pieces.

“It’s interesting,” said student Avery Hendrix, “The running paint blends the art into the real world to help create a connection with the audience.”

With a focus on bringing text into reality and starting conversations, Beehn has provided an art exhibit that could not only excite those interested in art, but those who enjoy literature as well.

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