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Exit exam information for soon to be graduates

Last updated on April 25, 2022

By Julio Gautreaux

At Volunteer State Community College there are some requirements students need to fulfill before they can graduate. One of these requirements is the ETS Proficiency Profile exit exam.

According to the Vol State website the ETS proficiency profile exam is for all students graduating with an associate’s degree. The ETSP is a test of college-level skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and math to measure the academic skills developed through general education courses.

The ETSP is not a pass/fail exam and does not affect GPA. According to the ETS official website college students take the ETS proficiency profile exam so that their institutions can demonstrate program effectiveness for accreditation and funding purposes. 

According to the Vol state website in addition to the ETSP, students graduating with a degree in computer information technology, criminal justice, entertainment media production and mechatronics technology must take an additional exit exam that is specific to their program.

All exit exams must be scheduled during the semester the student is scheduled to graduate. All testing is by appointment only.

“I took the exam last week a few days ago and it was a little more challenging than I expected but it was not bad at all. Most of the things on the test were things I seen throughout the semester,” said Vol state student Cody Spurling.

Students should apply to graduate at least one semester before the semester they’re supposed to graduate. According to the Vol State website each semester has a priority deadline and a final deadline to apply for graduation.

The Priority deadline for spring is October 31st and final deadline is February 1st. The priority deadline for summer is March 15th and final deadline is June 1st. Priority deadline for fall is April 30th and final deadline is September 1st.

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