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Fantasy Art Exhibit open for submissions

Last updated on February 1, 2016

James Butkevicius

A fantasy art exhibit, hosted by the Artisans’ Alliance, will be held in the Carpeted Dining Room on Nov. 30, from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Submissions are open to the public. The submission deadline is Nov. 20.

Artisans’ Alliance president Michael Clark is creating the exhibit with the goal of preparing artists for the real world. “They need to know that there’s a process,” Clark said, explaining that the exhibit is an avenue for artists to get their work out instead of just leaving it in their rooms to collect dust.

“Fantasy” became the exhibit’s theme after winning a vote held during an Artisans’ Alliance meeting. Clark encourages participants to interpret the theme however they want.

Art instructor Nathaniel Smyth will be holding a demo on how to “mat” the submissions, a process that involves cutting mat board, a substance similar to a dense foam, to fit the dimensions of the piece so that it will be ready for presentation.

The demo will be held in the Fine Arts Building on Nov. 18 at 11:00 a.m., exact location to be determined.

Smyth will also be jurying the event, meaning that he will make the final decision on which pieces make it into the exhibit.

Participants are allowed up to three submissions, one of which may make it into the actual show.

Clark stresses that the three submission limit is the only rule or guideline for the exhibit outside of the theme, believing that an excess of limitations will restrict artistic expression.

Non-traditional media, ranging from sculpture to performance and everything in between, are strongly encouraged.

“If you have something obtuse or awkward, just let me know,” Clark said.

Student Taylor Matson, who plans to become President of the Artisans’ Alliance next semester, says that he will be submitting an interactive audiovisual piece for the exhibit featuring a projector on three panels and a Microsoft Kinect setup that will respond to the movements of exhibit-goers.

The Artisans’ Alliance is making a comeback this semester after consisting of solely Michael Clark last semester. There are now six members.

A poster for the event was designed by Artisans’ Alliance member Stormie Tibbs, with collaboration and input from other members during a club meeting.

It will be placed in the Fine Arts Building on Wednesday, Nov. 11, to raise awareness for the exhibit and offer a taste of what to expect.

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