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Fourth Annual Story Slam Winner Announced at Vol State

By Madison West

Congratulations to Eliana Safer, a dual enrollment student who attends Station Camp High School and Volunteer State Community College, for winning the Fourth Annual Story Slam.

The Story Slam was created with intention of bringing a community feel to Vol State and even during a pandemic, Vol State’s staff worked hard to recreate this event and turn it into something that students could share and enjoy, safely.

“The story slam provided a wonderful opportunity to make connections and celebrate virtually. A special thank you to the participants and the VSCC faculty, students and community that watched and voted in the virtual slam,” said Sheri Waltz, Associate Professor of Communication Studies at Vol State and also a co-creator of the Story Slam Event.

Though this was the fourth annual Story Slam, it was the first Virtual Slam and this brought new opportunities, such as allowing a new level of students to compete.

 Dual Enrollment Students were previously not able to compete due to their schedules being typically on a high school campus and this event being hosted at Vol State campus in Gallatin.

Dual Enrollment is a program that allows high school students the opportunity to take collegiate level classes.

“I have been teaching Dual Enrollment English composition classes for over 15 years. I’ve taught for several years at Station Camp High School, which consistently has outstanding students. It’s exciting that an SCHS Dual Enrollment student has won this year’s Story Slam,” said Laura Black, Associate Professor of English at Vol State, “Eliana is definitely a leader in the making so I’m not surprised that she claimed first prize in the VSCC Story Slam,”.

Safer has taken a few classes with Vol State, she attended English 1010 and 1020 with Black, and Communications 2045 with Waltz.

“Eliana is a phenomenal student. She epitomizes the dual enrollment student, someone that is eager to learn and maxims their learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom,” Waltz said.

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