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Future Sports Coming to Vol State

Last updated on March 29, 2023

By: Thomas Matchell

Volunteer State Community College is planning for future sports programs that may be put into arrangements very soon. 

During the 2022 fall semester, Vol State sent out an email to students to complete a survey on their interest in future sports programs, the email read, “Volunteer State Community College is interested in learning more about the athletic interests and abilities of its students, including whether to include additional teams and athletic opportunities.” 

In the survey attached to the email, it asked students to list sports they were active in and if they were interested in that specific sport being available to Volunteer State. 

The sports currently offered at Vol State are mens and womens basketball, mens baseball, and womens softball. 

“We’ve kind of been debating and looked at some sports and made a commitment on men’s and women’s cross country, volleyball, soccer and esports. We’re now at the point of looking at budgets…. We’re not decided exactly when the rollout will be, it could be this next fall but it’s mostly a budgetary issue we’re looking at,” said Director of Athletics, Bobby Hudson. 

Volunteer State plans on using these sports to attract more attention to students who plan on attending in the future. Sports such as golf and cheerleading are also in consideration.  

“The sky’s the limit, we can use athletics as an enrollment driver,” said Hudson. 

“We’ve had some discussions with the soccer people, and between the recreational department fields. There are some issues we have to work out as far as fields, it can be worked out because college kids can practice anytime. “We can make the adjustment (using recreational soccer fields) before switching over to a permanent facility,” said Hudson. 

“Soccer would be a good sport at Vol State, I really enjoy it, and it’s one of the best team sports. I think other people would enjoy it,” said Jun Han, a student at Vol State. 

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