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Gain Hands on Experience with Volunteer State’s Veterinarian Technician Club

By Victoria Shelton

Vol State is home to an array of different clubs, including the Veterinarian Technician Club. This club is dedicated to exposing students to education beyond just reading information out of a textbook and to promote animal welfare.

Debbie Sykes, an officer for the club, explained how she appreciates the “Fear Free” approach that program takes in order to provide animals with a positive veterinary experience and reduce anxiety.

Students do not just receive classroom education, they also get to experience hands-on work in places like referral centers or private clinical practices. This allows students to take information gained in a classroom and exercise that knowledge in real-world scenarios, whether it is in a small animal office or working with cows and horses.

Torie Worley, another officer for the club, enjoyed the hands-on experience she gained through working with teachers such as Dr. Hope Wright, who has a passion for helping animals and educating the public.

This program allows students to have a flexible schedule while working towards their two-year Veterinary Technology degree. Students are required to have at least 12 hours worth of continued education yearly in order to keep or renew their licenses.

If working with animals is your passion but you are unsure if being a Vet Tech is right for you, check out the Veterinary Assistant Program. This program allows students to acquire 22 credit hours in general education and animal care. This program is slightly different in that students completing this program will not be Vet Techs but they have necessary skills to be in places like pet stores or be a part of animal control/ Humane society staff.

Currently, the Vet Club members are planning on hosting a bake sale on Monday that will be in the SRB building from 12:30-1:30 p.m. This fundraiser will be to raise money for members to attend a conference that will count towards their continued education hours so feel free to stop by and grab some snacks!

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