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Gallatin celebrates Pawpalooza

By Delaney Holman

The fifth annual Pawpalooza in Gallatin, geared towards celebrating pet ownership and fundraising for the Miracle Park playground took place on Sep. 24 from 10 am- 4 pm 

This event included, “Vendors both pet related and non pet related”, said Jenna Maddox the marketing director for Gallatin Parks and Recreation, she also shared that there was, “Food trucks and live music,” as well as “local vendors from Middle Tennessee.” 

“Pawpalooza is a great event that highlights pet ownership, and it raises money for a great cause.” shared Volunteer States Hope Wright director, and member of the vet tech faculty.  

 “It’s cool having one of the only events in the area where people can bring their furry friends” Maddox shared. Pawpalooza besides Gallatin’s Doggy paddle Pool Party event is one of the only city events “Giving people a chance to come together with their families, with their kids, and with their pets” 

Maddox stated, “us with the Parks and Rec department know it’s important to get out in nature, and be active, having a pet especially dogs really help with that.” Maddox noted. 

Not only are pets important, but so is the Miracle Park playground which this event annually fundraises for. To the city of Gallatin, the Miracle Park playground is an incredible attribution, it is an “All-inclusive playground where kids of all abilities and ages can come and play and have a good time.” Maddox gave insight that “since 2021 we have had hundreds of kids in our local community come and enjoy the park” 

This event may be smaller than it has in the past years because of a rise in cases of canine influenza in the Middle Tennessee area.   

“Please remember, if you plan to attend with your pet, make sure they are fully vaccinated first. Also, if they are showing any symptoms of illness, like sneezing or coughing, keep them stay home.” Wright shared.  

Because of this sickness different animal rescues that are planned to attend Maddox is “Not 100% sure if they are going to be actually bringing pets that are available for adoption,” nevertheless “they are going to be there with information.” 

Finally, Maddox shared that Gallatin’s Parks and Recreation “love putting on this event,” and can’t wait to celebrate your furry friends. 

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