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How The Well is helping students at Volunteer State Community College

Last updated on February 14, 2022

By Trent Lieffring

For students looking for support through Volunteer State Community College, the Office of Student Engagement and Support is offering students to get “well” through The Well.

“The Well provides support services for students who are hungry, need counseling, and who find themselves in a financial emergency,” said Tiffany Zwart of the Office of Student Engagement and Support.

The main mission of The Well is that “We want you to be WELL-mind, body and spirit,” said Zwart.

The Well offers resources for students to assist them with several needs.

“We want to see our students to succeed in all facets of life,” according to Vol State’s Student Support Services. The Well offers on campus resources such as The Feed for students in need of food and emergency funding.

The Well also offers referral resources such as:

  • Well Pass Counseling Program
  • Domestic Violence/ Sexual Assault
  • Suicide Prevention/ Survivor Support
  • Unplanned Pregnancy/ Parent Support
  • Sexuality
  • Substance Use/ Abuse

All of these resources can be found on Vol State’s website under Student Support Services.

 The impact of Covid-19 has not slowed down The Well.

“Actually, Covid has blown The Well out of the water! We used Covid as an opportunity to shift the way we do business. Our students can now seamlessly and easily acquire much of their supports due to more improved processes,” said Heather Harper of the Office of Student Engagement and Support.

“The pandemic has affected our students in so many different ways,” said Zwart. “We are a safe place for students to share their stories… we’ve been able to connect them with a safe space to talk during Covid.”

When asked about future plans for The Well, Harper said, “The Well is only as good as what our students get out of it. What works one semester for students many not work the next. And we are constantly checking in with our students to find out what they need and how we can help them. So, really the sky is the limit.”

If you are in need of support, email or visit the Student Engagement and Support office at the Wood Campus Center 215.

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