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Keep calm during the roughest parts of the semester

by Hope McKinney

You have finally gotten through the first few weeks of school and it seems like you are coming to a screeching halt at a large brick wall of school work. Homework just keeps piling up and the discussion boards are never ending. Every time you turn around you have forgotten something and class time just seems to drag on. With the holidays coming up you are becoming less and less focused on school work and more on carving pumpkins and attending your favorite haunted houses.

I am here to tell you that pushing through this stressful time is totally worth it. There is absolutely no greater feeling to a college student than being completely caught up on work. Trying to catch up on everything in a couple of hours will not work nine times out of ten. This method can leave you on a completely crunched schedule and result to some pretty bad grades at the end of the week. Please remember it is okay to put the homework and jobs to the side sometimes and focus on yourself a little bit. Whether it just be for 15 minutes to go outside and walk or take a nap with your pet, spend some time relaxing.

“You” time is extremely important to your existence as a college student. Students today are stressed about way too much. In order to push through rut in the semester before midterms you must make time for everything. Create a little schedule to check daily and remind yourself about upcoming events and deadlines. This helps keep me organized and up to date with my own life that flashes by my eyes every single week. I keep a planner that has space to check off each task after I finish it. You can make your own out of a little journal from the dollar store.  I have a really bad habit of forgetting I’ve already completed an assignment and attempting to redo it. The planner helps me avoid that. While you are making your planner for the week you need to set aside time to do the actual homework. Doing homework for multiple hours at a time can really tire you out so it is important to take breaks between long study sessions.

My favorite thing to do when I need to get away from the stress of everyday life as a student is take my dogs to the park. It gives me some time to get them outside and exercising and get me some fresh air. I find it completely reenergizing to be able to go outside and get some fresh air instead of staying indoors and being cooped up. This time of year is prime opportunity to get outside and do some exploring. There are so many trails around Hendersonville and Gallatin to explore. Another way to relax outdoors this time of year is to break out the Eno. Take it to the lake with a good book and enjoy the views. If you don’t like the outdoors you can stay in and enjoy some Netflix of Hulu. However, be aware of binge watching shows. You still have work to do so finish your episode and get back to work.

If you find yourself completely overwhelmed with homework and unable to complete all of the tasks, breathe. Professors have all been there and most are more than willing to help you better understand the material, or better manage your schedule. If you are having complications in your personal life that are hindering you from doing your personal work talk to your professor. Visit them during their office hours and tell them what is going on. Most professors will work with you to help you complete the task at hand and help you better manage your time. With everything going on in student’s lives it is really hard to keep on track with everything. Always remember to take a little time to yourself and breathe. Keep track of your homework and communicate with your professor. School is stressful, but avoiding homework can make it that much more stressful. Be sure to stay on top of all of your work while enjoying some fun time.

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