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Lawson juggles role as chief and mother

By Velma Crochet

Angela Lawson is the Chief of Police at Volunteer State Community College. She is also a wife,mother, friend and role model for women hoping to work in a public service job.

Lawson, graduate from high school in 1993 from Stratford High in Nashville, Tennessee. Shortly after she began college at VSCC while working fulltime. She finished her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Bethel University in Nashville, Tennessee.

Lawson said, she comes from a family of public service workers starting with her parents. Her mother is a retired fire chief and her father is a retired fire fighter, she said.

It does not stop with her parents, two of her brothers are also fire fighters, her other brother is an IT guy for Gallatin, Tennessee, police department and her sister is working in non-profit.

Lawson said, she along with her family are called to do this type of work. She also said her calling to public service stuck.

On a person’s worse day is when police show up and it is important to Lawson, to be there, the human aspect of her job is special to her, she said.

Lawson was a civilian officer with Metro in Nashville, Tennesse. That is where she realized being a police officer was her calling. She then worked for Gallatin Police Department for 13 years.

Tabitha Sherrell, Coordinator of Student Services said she has been working with the Lawson since the Chief began. Sherrell also said, in her role at Vol State working with Lawson has been awesome and she is easy to get in touch with by email, phone or just stopping by her office.

“Working with me and being flexible while setting up events is great,” said Sherrell.

Lawson and I collaborated to set up the “brew with the blue” so the students and VSCC officers will be able to interact every month, said Sherrell.

“Chief Lawson makes me feel safe and I would trust her with my life in an emergency situation,” said Sherrell.

Lawson has been working at Vol State for six years and really enjoys it. This position allows plenty of time off to be with her family. Not many officers are able to enjoy the weekends, holidays and semester breaks at home.

“I like the way she leads her team because they genuinely care about our students and are equally concerned about their safety,” said Tiffany Zwart, Coordinator of Student Support Student Engagement and Support.

Lawson has been married for nine years to her wife April and they have three sons.

Lawson choose Gallatin, Tennessee, to raise her family because even with all the growth the town still has that small community feel and offers amazing schools for her sons to attend, she said.

She really enjoys spending time with her three sons and wife playing virtual reality games, soaking up as much time together as possible or watching sports such as tennis, said Lawson.

Lawson loves all Mexican food and hates things out of order.

Christmas is her favorite holiday. Now that her sons are a little older, her family can travel and just enjoy time together. Working at VSCC gives her extra opportunity to enjoy a longer holiday with her family and she is very grateful for that, said Lawson.

Lawson is currently reading a motivational book by Jean Sincero ,”You Are a Badass Everyday.”

Orange coffee mugs were handed out at “brew with the blue” because that is Lawson’s favorite color.

“Behind the badge, behind the uniform we are humans,” said Lawson.

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