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Like it or not, the race is on for 5G

Last updated on April 14, 2019

On April 4, Channel 5 reported that Governor Bill Lee was in no hurry to roll out 5G in Tennessee.

Whether you are excited about being able to stream movies on your phone while sitting in a driverless car or not, people simply do not want 5G installed near their homes. Residents in Bellevue were concerned when it was revealed that a large pole that had mysteriously appeared in front of their home was a 5G cell tower. They wanted to know about long-term health effects. Neighbors received no advance notice of a tower installed on Hwy 70 in front of an apartment complex either.

Even in its early stages of implementation, 5G has a track record of making people and animals sick. News stories across the country are reporting that people are experiencing headaches, heart palpitations, dizziness, insomnia and an inability to concentrate after installation.

In fact, 5G has already been rolled out in at least 20 cities across the nation. AT&T is set to launch its network in 23 metropolitan areas, many of them in the south, including Nashville.

Doctors and environmentalists have been working to stop 5G installation for years. More recently, elected officials have started to step up efforts to overturn the federal legislation that eliminated local control over installations.

While fake news is mixed with facts by groups opposing 5G, in Portland, OR, Mayor Ted Wheeler said he and the city’s commissioners feel 5G health risks are not well enough understood to move ahead with installations. He added that the federal government enforcing telecommunications rules has resulted in an opposition movement.

Currently FCC regulations prohibit local government from stopping the towers. Their power is limited to regulating minor aesthetics. Note the cell tower dressed as a tree overlooking Pickel field.

5G is being sold with futuristic presentations of live streaming while on the move, driverless cars and more. The proposed “smart cities” are attractive to city councils who will be able to increase taxes and enhance their local economy.

What is not being presented by enthusiasts is increasing evidence of this untested technology causing cancer, killing bees, driving out wildlife and risking the quality of life for the sake of business.

Since 5G enables police surveillance through the walls of our homes, many are concerned about the invasion of privacy and a potential decrease in property value.

There are concerns over 5G placing the privacy of U.S. citizens in the hands of network operators and device manufacturers, but Fortune magazine, addressing China’s desire to dominate new wireless technology, stated that, “China will gain a capability for mayhem and mass surveillance if it dominates advanced 5G networks that link billions of devices.”

There are no studies on the long-term health effects of 5G and scientists are warning that their research of existing technologies warrants caution. 5G will use also higher frequencies that our current cell phones are not even able to use yet. Scientists are cautioning that research urgently needs to be done on the human health effects of 5G before it is rolled out to ensure public and environmental safety.

Whether or not the public is on board with this mad rush by the telecommunication companies, the race is on. AT&T is moving forward installing 5G in Tennessee and has announced that they plan to eventually replace all landline broadband with it.

Is our health worth sacrificing for faster internet?

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