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Local poet Gaylord Brewer does poetry reading for students

Last updated on February 1, 2016

by Lauren Cieler// Staff Writer

Gaylord Brewer, a local published poet, came to Volunteer State Community College on Wednesday, March 25, in the Ramer building.
Brewer said is a University of Louisville graduate.
At the end of college, going into graduate school, Brewer said he started studying literary arts instead of visual arts and that he has been doing poetry for 21 years.

He said he spent a whole summer writing and talking about dead metaphors.
Gaylord Brewer’s new book “Country of Ghost”, which he said is his ninth collection of poetry, talks about harrowing, haunted, and darkly humorous poems of both worlds of the living and the dead.
An excerpt from his poem “A Ghost Writes a Postcard to His Wife” he said, “…plays clear field with her sense, blank from flooded, single sparrow just inner with rock of score, black faced goals.”
“The biggest challenge in poetry has been living all over the world and dealing with my poems being published,” said Brewer.

When asked what advice he would give to someone who wanted to pursue poetry, Brewer responded, “Writing is a prime event. Read widely and don’t wait for the news.”
“I chose Gaylord Brewer because I want my students and other students to have more energy to read poetry. Students should meet and listen to writers and poets to have a feel for his or her work in poetry,” said Cindy Wyatt, associate professor of English.

“He was a good poet. He explains his poetry well and in depth,” said Kyle Whitworth, Vol State student.

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