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Man on the Quad 1/30/18

Last updated on March 19, 2018

We here at The Settler have one goal: to let the student’s voice be heard. So we’re beginning a new segment called Man on the Quad to get students’ opinions, thoughts, and ideas. This week we asked students about some of the weirder things they’ve seen on campus. Here are their responses. You can send your question ideas for this segment to

There’s like a trophy case that has barbecue sauce trophies in it – D

[Editor’s note: The Settler believes said trophy was actually awarded to Vol State’s speech and debate team for a second place finish at the 2010 Owensboro Community and Technical College BBQ Capital competition.]

A group of about half a dozen people on the other side of the cafeteria. They brought in their Playstation and hooked it up to the main tv and were just having a grand time – T

A guy dressed in a onesie with a little butt-flap out. It wasn’t Halloween – C

The guy that sits in the middle of the quad and yells Bible verses at people – C

A squirrel eating someone’s food from the cafeteria, and they [the squirrel] really enjoyed it. – A

No one walks in the grass. Have you noticed that? – H

The little lunch tables that all they do is literally play video games and like that weird game – E

There’s this guy that had a fur jacket and shorts, and it was probably like the coldest day here – M

I saw someone wearing a cape – C

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