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Mark Hosford offers new perspective in art exhibit

Last updated on February 7, 2022

By Julio Gautreaux

Recent works of Mark Hosford are being displayed at Volunteer State Community College as an art gallery exhibit in the SRB Humanities Building on the first floor at the Gallatin Campus. The art exhibit has been up since Dec. 6 and will continue until Feb. 18.

From the time the school opens to the time the school closes students will be able to go throughout the day to check out some pieces of his art at no cost.

“The benefit of students seeing my exhibit, or any other, is that they may experience an abstract or tangible emotion or feeling that helps them see the world in a slightly new way,” said Hosford.

Another insight that Hosford offered, was every person that creates art expresses something about how they view the world at that moment.

“By experiencing my visuals and thoughts, people may be able to see things from a new perspective that can lead their thoughts in new directions,” he said.

Hosford’s recent pieces, which are found in the gallery, are inspired by nature.

“A lot of my subject matter in this body of work comes from nature. Because of the pandemic, I felt the need to spend more time in nature to feel connected to the planet more, and to help deal with mounting stress and depression,” said Hosford.

According to the Vol State campus events calendar, “Hosford’s prints, drawings and animations are amalgamations of many different obsessions and interests.”

Hosford is an associate professor of art and chair of the Department of Art at Vanderbilt University. According to his website, “Hosford’s work draws from a fascination with counter- culture imagery, spiritualism, curiosities obsolete technology, stream of consciousness, and personal narratives.”

For more information about the art exhibit contact Jason Lascu.

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