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New Class Schedules are Released for Summer and Fall Terms

By Jim Hayes

Priority registration for the 2019 summer and fall semesters at Volunteer State Community College will open Monday, April 1, for veterans and sophomores.

The summer and fall schedules are already available online at

“Students with 30 or more completed hours can begin registering at 8 a.m. Monday, April 1,” said Tim Amyx, Vol State Director of Admissions and Registrar. “All veterans (regardless of the number of completed hours) can begin registration at 6 a.m., that day.”

To qualify for the veteran’s early registration, veterans must stop in at the Veterans Affairs office with a copy of their DD-214 so an annotation can be made on their record.

Amyx said that students can enroll in both semesters, but he advised that students should register first for the summer term and then for the fall semester so that any prerequisite classes being taken during the earlier semester will be credited while enrolling for the fall session.

Students will have a variety of course length options for the 12 week summer semester (the fall semester lasts 16 weeks). Courses will be offered in 12, six, three and nine-week blocks according to Amyx.

“There are fewer courses offered during the summer,” said Amyx. “We only have about half of the usual population on campus and offer a more focused curriculum during that time.”

The fall semester offerings will be based on last fall’s schedule with adjustments made for both high and low demand classes.

Amyx explained that Sophomores get priority in their registration in order to ensure them access to high demand classes they may need for graduation. He said that while “Vol State loves our veterans,” the early veteran registration is also mandated by a state law.

That law mandates that if any part of a school’s population is given favorable registration access, that all veterans (not just those with 30 semester hours) must also be given favorable registration times.

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