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“Par” ty at the Library

By Victoria Shelton

It’s almost time to start preparing for the spooky season, so bring on the goblins, ghouls, and of course, the pumpkin spice lattes! Students and teachers alike are looking forward to the festive season by dressing up and going to some spooktacular parties.

Thomas Barlett, a sophomore at the Gallatin campus, is planning on going out with some friends to celebrate the holiday.

What could possibly be more fun than going out to party? Partying on Campus!

Vol State is hard at work planning a glow golf event for the students to enjoy. This event will be hosted by Student Engagement  and supported by the Thigpen Library. The golf course will be set up on Oct. 27, at the Thigpen Library and Plaza. The time has yet to be determined but it will be in the late afternoon/ evening time.

Lynda Vincent, a library staff member is excited for the event and wants students to come “par” ty with the library.

This event is free and students are encouraged to bring their friends and family to partake in all the festivities. There will be different stations spread around the library with all sorts of spooktacular holes to play. Students are also encouraged to wear their favorite costumes to play in!

Rebecca Frank, the Library Director, partnered with Student Engagement last year to host the party, stated, “Last year, we had a fantastic turnout, and the students seemed to really enjoy the event. This year, we’re hoping to see even more students participate- we can’t wait to see what costumes people show up in!”

One student, Emily Molina, a freshman at the Gallatin campus, does not currently have plans for the holiday but is excited to hear that Vol State is hosting a glow golf party for students, faculty, and guests.

If you’re undecided on what to do for Halloween, the glow golf event could be a great way to celebrate and make new friends!

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