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Parris Powers Science and Math Expo

By Madelyne VanHemert

Vol State is hosting the Parris Powers Science and Math Expo on Friday, April 5 from 2:30 p.m.-6:00 p.m. 

The Expo is a free event that invites elementary and middle school children to explore hands-on math and science activities.

“The biggest motivation for learning science and math is curiosity. Events like the expo engage our visitors’ curiosity and encourage their sense of discovery. Sometimes math and science can be intimidating subjects, but having fun while learning at an expo can help kids overcome that apprehension, allowing curiosity to take over and build up their confidence,” said Dr. Billy Dye, Assistant Dean of the Math and Science Division.

 According to the Sumner Schools website, the following activities can be expected: 

  • An egg drop
  • Life-sized Operation game
  • Making ice cream with liquid nitrogen
  • Planting tomatoes with the Sumner County Master Gardeners
  • Learning about the cosmos with the Cumberland Astronomical Society
  • Touring an ambulance with our EMS program
  • Learning about the eye with medical equipment from our ophthalmic tech program, and more.

This day will be hosted by Vol State faculty, students, and third-party guests. 

The event is taking place in the Warf building. The Sumner Schools website instructs those who are coming to the Expo to enter the campus on Gap Blvd. The closest parking can be found in lots F, G, and H.  If you would like a map of the campus click here.

The expo is named the “Parris Powers” Math and Science Expo, after Parris Powers who was a chemistry professor at Vol State. Powers used to organize the math and science expos. He passed away in 2016. To honor him, the 2024 math and science expo holds his name. 

“Parris was always eager to share his enthusiasm for learning, so it’s very fitting that an event like this bears his name,” said Dr. Dye.

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