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Romeo Marquez visits VSCC

by Cole Miller

On September 14, 2016, Romeo Marquez, Jr. came to speak at Volunteer State Community College. Marquez is a motivational speaker who has appeared on Ted Talks and graduated from UCLA.
He began his speech by introducing himself, and by making the audience play a game similar to “rock, paper, scissors” called “bear, sh, mosquito,” with the person sitting next to them.
I personally found the game amusing and made the awkwardness of being next to somebody you may not know somewhat disappear.
After the warm-up game was nished, we were handed a sheet of paper and a pen, but did not receive instructions on what to do with these items yet.
Marquez had us do another warm-
up activity in which we were told to think of what we could better about ourselves if we did 5% more every day.
Marquez shared a bit from his personal life. He played football in high school, but always wanted to be a speaker, or something similar to such, but was afraid of what his peers would say if he took theatre classes or tried out for his high school plays.
After he graduating and starting community college, he took theatre classes and auditioned for the play they were performing. For his audition, he did a back ip on stage and read his lines.
After Marquez shared information about his past, he had us write a “Be, Do, Have list”. In this list, you write down things you want to be, things you want to do, and things you want to have, and set them as a goal.
After everyone wrote down our lists, he shared a story he read about
comedian Jim Carrey, and how when he rst moved to Los Angeles, he would shout from a cliff, “I will become an actor,” and eventually, Carrey did just that.
Marquez then gave out a free download code for his book and cd. The codes are “VOLSTATEBOOK” and “VOLSTATECD”, respectively.
To get these free downloads, simply text the code or codes to 44-
“Romeo was very inspiring. This
speaker helped me realize I need to wake up and start focusing on my life more.” said Wesam Saleh, a student at Vol State.
I have to agree with Wesam, Romeo was very helpful in the words that he shared, and I hope he comes back to our campus again very soon. Please make sure you take advantage of these free download codes that we were so generously given.

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