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Science and Math Expo Demonstrates Family-Friendly Experiments

Last updated on February 1, 2016

by Lauren Cieler// Staff Writer

Volunteer State Community College had a Math and Science Expo on Thursday, March 26.

The Expo was open to the Gallatin community and was geared toward sparking children’s interest in the math and sciences.
Justin Williams and Bonnie Breland did an experiment called Burning Money.
The ingredients were a dollar bill; tongs; matches or lighter; salt; 50 percent isopropyl alcohol; and 50 percent water solution.
Williams and Breland put all the ingredients together in glass and soaked the dollar bill in the solution for two to three minutes. Breland took the dollar bill out with tongs and took the lighter and lit the money.
“The dollar bill does not burn because the alcohol is the only thing that is burning. Some of the water evaporates at a higher temperature when alcohol burns. The flame will extinguish after the alcohol is gone and the water is left,” said Williams.
Jennifer Johnson and Will Hinton did Ice Cream in a Bag.
The ingredients were half cup of milk; half teaspoon of vanilla extract; one tablespoon of sugar; four cups of ice; and four tablespoons of salt.
Johnson and Hinton mixed the milk, vanilla extract, sugar, and salt in a small bag.
Then put the small bag in a larger bag full of ice and shook it for five minutes.
The result turned to ice cream.
Macy Gregory, Kirsten Cacciotti, and Danella McBride showed blowing Bubbles.
They had three bowls with three different mixtures.
The experiment was to see which mixture could blow and hold the bubble the longest.
The first bowl had one cup of water and two tablespoons of soap, the second bowl had one cup of water, two tablespoons of soap, and one tablespoon of food coloring. The third bowl had one cup of water, two tablespoons of soap, and one tablespoon of syrup.
Gregory blew a bubble from the first bowl and it lasted until the bubble hit the ground and popped.
Andrew Manes and Jose Garcia did The Invisible Heavyweight.
Their supplies were a deflated basketball, a small air pump, and a scale.
Manes took the deflated basketball and put it on the scale, which resulted in the weight of 580.1 kilograms. Manes then took the air pump and put air into the basketball. When he was done, he put the basketball on the scale, which resulted in the weight of 581.5 kilograms.
Manes and Garcia picked this experiment because, “We think air is complex and it’s awesome to show small children what air can do.”
There were 15 more experiments around Wallace, which included False Snot, Magic Sound, Liquid Nitrogen, and Fantastic Foamy Fountain.

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