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SGA Elections to be Held Next Month

Last updated on February 8, 2016

By: Sam Walker, Staff Writer


The Office of Student Life & Diversity Initiatives will be handing out election packets on Feb. 5 in the Wood Campus Center, Room 215, to anyone who is interested in being a student on the Student Government Cabinet.

These packets are to be turned in to Wood 215 by Friday, Feb., 26.

As in any government there will be many positions open for election such as: president, vice president, secretary of state, secretary of treasury, attorney general, parliamentarian, activities chair, and athletics chair.

Student Government is an easy and effective way to influence the day-to-day functions around campus.

SGA president serves as a liaison for the administration of Volunteer State Community College. Vice president is the right hand to the president and runs SGA meetings.

Secretary of state serves as the scribe of SGA meetings by taking attendance and moderating content.

The secretary of treasury manages the finances of the student government. Attorney general works as a peacekeeper in SGA meetings and also makes sure that all decisions are constitutional by the standards set by Vol State.

Formally known as ACE, the activities chair and the athletics chair have been absorbed by the SGA. The activities chair will organize all on-campus events, while the athletics chair will organize intramurals like the upcoming Video Game Night.

If one wishes to campaign for a certain position, the Office of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives will supply $75 to fund a student’s cause across campus.

There will be a packet to qualify for the $75 that will be available next week in the Student Life and Diversities office in the Wood Campus Center.

As a member of the SGA there are many benefits to consider.

According to the Coordinator of Student Activities Tabitha Sherrell, the president, vice president, and activities chair will have their tuition paid for by holding their positions in the SGA.

A student will also receive a $250 check if they hold the position of any of the five senior positions: president, vice president, activities chair, secretary of state, or secretary of treasury.

It can promote both leadership and teamwork-affiliated skills.

While other students reap the benefits of various activities and functions, a member of the SGA will have the pride in knowing that it was their leadership that made it possible.

Jesse Versage, current SGA President, said, “I wanted to jump into an environment where I didn’t know anybody so I could socialize and meet new people.”

If a student would like to see a change in how things are run, it would be advisable that they try for SGA office.

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