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SGA food survey may bring changes to campus

by Kailyn Fournier
The Student Government Association (SGA) at Volunteer State Community College conducted a food survey from September 29 to October 5 in order to gather opinions from the student body regarding the food services available on campus. The purpose of the survey was to give SGA an idea of what areas needed improving on when it came to food. They were concerned with the pricing of food and the quality of food that was being offered.
“This is my second year at Vol state. So I had a year of actually being a student and listening to other students, and purchasing the food, and eating it and trying it and living here as a student. I personally didn’t like what the foods services was offering. I know I’ve heard from many students and faculty and staff it’s just not up to par with what we should have here. So I brought it up to the SGA, and they all agreed it was a problem,” Said Dillon van Rennes, who is the secretary of treasury for SGA.
There is also the issue of food insecurity on campus. For the students who don’t have the means to purchase food every day, there were a few questions that on the survey as well.
“When we see some need like this we’re going to investigate, “said Van Rennes.
For those students. The SGA hopes to use the data from the survey to go towards a food bank that they are trying to put in place. They have already gotten it approved, along with the grant to fund it. “Hopefully [this survey] will get the ball rolling,” said Van Rennes
The survey also reached out to the other campuses.
Those campuses have one building and no lunch room. They did have a food truck, but no one was utilizing it. “[Fixing] that should be one of our goals on campus,” said Brittany Davis, the SGA cabinet chair for the campus activities board.
The survey is meant to address everyone’s concerns. For those who can afford the food on a daily basis, that means improving the quality of food and the selections that are available. For those who can’t afford the food on a daily basis, that’s what the potential food bank will be for.
“I think it’s a great way for students to get their information out there,” said Crystal Sloss, who is the National Society of Leadership and Success’s representative for SGA.
There were also questions about a meal plan on the survey. If that were to be put in place later on, it could be federally funded.
The survey was a way for them to know specifically what to focus on and where there is a bigger need from a very neutral standpoint.
“We don’t have people coming in and constantly telling us what we’re doing right or wrong. That’s why I like the survey. It tells us exactly what we need to be doing,” said Natalie White, the vice president of SGA.
“We are a very passionate team. We want to make a positive change and we strive to work with administration and communicate with administration to get all of these things done. Were here to serve the student body,” said Van Rennes.
The exact date SGA will get the results back is unknown. “We are working directly with Jane McGuire, vice president of institutional effectiveness. She has not given us a solid date but we are hoping to have the results back by November 1,” said Van Rennes.
“I hope the results allow us to get a change,” said Sloss.

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