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Spring 2024 Graduation

By Emmanuel Ayele

As the 2024 spring semester comes to an end on Thursday, May 2, Vol State is hosting a commencement for those students finishing Vol State on Saturday, May 4.  

The spring 2024 commencement will be taking place in person in the Moore Gymnasium, located in the Pickel Field House building on the main campus in Gallatin

For this spring’s commencement, 348 Vol State students will attend the graduation walk for their diploma and associate degree. 

“Commencement is basically a celebration for the students who completed their programs. A chance to walk around the stage and get their diploma. They will get a chance to see their families and friends cheering for completing their achievement here in Vol State,” said Jennifer Gaumer, Vol State Records Assistant. 

“Right now, we have about 348 students who want to participate in the commencement. As far as I can tell, those students who are going to attend this year’s commencement are becoming very excited. We have many students calling in for extra tickets, students having extra feelings, students completing something that has been difficult which may have taken them a while to get it done. Graduating is a big deal,” said Gaumer. 

“The commencement is about the celebration of graduation. It is a ceremony where all of the graduates are recognized and honored for their achievements and accomplishments for what they have earned. They would earn their diploma, associate degree, and their credentials. We also honor Vol State alumni, where this is the time for family and friends to come and experience this accomplishment for their students,” said Amanda Foster, Vol State Assistant Registrar. 

“I think it is an exciting time for the students here in Vol State. It is important for a lot of people to have those family members and loved ones and different guests to help and support them for their accomplishment,” said Foster. 

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