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“Stay” Winning with Jarryd Becerra 

Last updated on October 19, 2022

By: Everett Scott

Jarryd Becerra has won the Audience Favorite Award with his student short film, “Stay,” at the Tennessee Communication Association 2022 annual meeting. He did both the writing and directing of the film, with actors starring Amani Johnson, Amalia Dopp and Austin Shelton. 

Becerra is an Entertainment Media Production student at Vol State, with his video being one of six entries from Vol State to compete in the conference against universities and colleges across the state.

The film was shot on the Gallatin campus of Volunteer State Community College, using a variety of different songs including ‘Story of my life’ by various artists and ‘Paper Rings’ which was performed by Taylor Swift. 

The video is based around a boy, Jamie, learning his death is near and determining how he wishes to spend the last few hours of his life. He is unable to communicate to anyone that his death is upcoming so as not to change his fate. The character death accompanies him throughout the video, creating a heartwarming story with a sad ending. They end up painting and playing a game of baseball before the two spend a moment to recollect and prepare for the inevitable. His death is painfully realistic, as he exits the parking lot and the camera cuts to black as you hear a car wreck. 

The TCA is an organization for scholars, faculty, and students in communication. They have held multiple conferences like the 2022 conference, however they all had varying themes. For instance, last year’s conference was entirely online, with the theme being adapting and adjusting to an evolving world. How fitting for such a time.

They have consistent updates on the TCA Twitter page as to their themes for future conferences, and even opportunities should you wish to participate in some. 

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