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Student Art Exhibit

By Emmanuel Ayele

The Vol State campus hosted a Student Art Exhibit that started on April 8 and will continue for the rest of the spring term to May 2. 

The Student Art Exhibit is located on the 1st floor of the SRB building during campus hours. 

“So, the student art exhibit is a student art show that we usually do at the end of every academic year, mostly the end of the Spring Term. It is a showcase of the student’s work throughout the year. Students are always welcome to join the art exhibit whether they are focusing on their major of art or not. If we get submissions from art or non-art students, it may not happen very often,” said Dr. Erin Mann, Dean of Humanities. 

The student art show is made so that many other students, facilities, and staff on campus would get to look at the student’s artwork. 

“Well, every spring at the end of the term, we do this show, a juried show, meaning that the students submit work to be considered for the show and we bring in an outside professional of this year and that is Professor Nick Stepover, he’s an art professor from MTSU, and we bring in those outsiders to come in and jury the show for the fancy artwork for judge,” said Professor Nathaniel Smyth, Associate Professor of Art History. 

“So, he comes in and looks at everything the student submitted. He chooses what he thinks should be in the show and what should not. Sometimes, it’s because he does not think this art is good or not good. Sometimes he thinks there that there’s not too much or that we already got other things from this person. Whatever decision he makes, he would hang up the student’s artwork in the art show and it’s kind of like celebration of at least one person’s version of the best of the student work for the year,” said Professor Smyth. 

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