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Student Leadership Luncheon a success


(Pictured: Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett along with Jenny Hernandez.  Photo by: Jessica Peña.)

By: Jessica Peña, Staff Writer

Volunteer State Community College hosted the annual Student Leadership Luncheon on Wednesday, April 13, in the Mary Nichols Carpeted Dining Room.

The event was coordinated by the Office of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives and was decorated with a red carpet theme.

Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett was the keynote speaker at the luncheon.

“I really liked that the honorable Tre Hargett touched on the importance of a servant leader.

“In my opinion about servant leadership, you can easily judge the character of an individual by how they treat others, especially those who cannot do anything for or to them,” said Lori Miller, Secretary of Student Life and Diversity Initiatives.

Miller said that student leaders give her a new perspective on things and allow her to see many topics and issues from a new point of view.

“I think it is vital to recognize our student leaders because they need to know that we appreciate and support the hard work and dedication that they give to the student body,” said Miller.

Miller said as student leaders are engaged with the campus, everyone can learn what the student body as a whole is needing.

“It is like a bridge between two islands. The student leader is that bridge between the islands of student body and administration of the campus,” added Miller.

Many student leaders and faculty attended the Student Leadership Luncheon.

“I thought honorable Tre Hargett’s speech was very motivating to not only the leaders of Vol State, but to anyone that wants to make a difference,” said Jenny Hernandez, Officer of Leadership for Phi Theta Kappa.

Hernandez said part of her belief is that true leaders have the desire to take the initiative in making a difference.

“One thing he said that stood out to me was ‘Be the difference you want to see in your community,’ sometimes we have no idea of the extremity of the influence we have on someone.

“As a leader, this is important to me because even a handshake or opening a door can have a lasting effect on someone,” said Hernandez.

The student leaders on campus who spoke at the podium were Sandra “Domino” Hunt, Allison Meyers and Taylor Matson.

The Student Leadership Luncheon featured an awards ceremony that honored the individuals in different categories who showed talent and leadership in what they do for Vol State within their affiliated groups.

The recipients were Jesse Versage, Judy Schuelke, Torrey Zimmerman, and Sandra “Domino” Hunt.

The menu at the luncheon included mashed potatoes, fried zucchini, croissants, pulled pork, ice cream, and apple cobbler.

In the absence of the Vice President of Student Services, Patty Powell, Assistant Vice President Emily Short ended the luncheon with a few closing remarks.

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