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Students host Dr. Seuss book drive

Last updated on March 9, 2019

By Lauren Fraine

National Read Across America Day and Dr. Suess share a birthday, March 2.

The Future Educators Club of Volunteer State Community College is having a book drive to provide books to low-income children at local schools who may not be able to otherwise obtain them.
The Future Educators Club is a group of students, at Vol State, mostly made up of education majors who are interested in education.

The hygiene drive, welcome week and fall festival/spring flings are other events hosted by the Future Educators Club.

seuss“Our mission is to help future teachers come together to increase classroom success, support student engagement, and build overall experience as a team,” said Future Educators Club member Jennie Payne.

Today through Feb. 28, the club will be accepting book donations. There will be donation boxes set up in Caudill Hall and Ramer Hall where books can be dropped off. Both new and used books are welcome.

The target preschools include Community Childcare, Gallatin Day Care Center, Gallatin Child Care and Head Start (two locations).

According to, children whose parents have low literacy levels, have a 72 percent change of being at the lowest reading level themselves.

“Some of the children at these daycares are from low income families and the more books these children have available, the more they can learn and expand their reading ability,” said Payne.

A group of students from the Future Educators Club will deliver the donated books to the local schools. The group will also read and spend time with these children.

“Any opportunity we have to help the youth become educated, we should do it. Every opportunity should be open and available to them,” said student Elijah Buras.

Stop by the designated donation boxes to drop off books and help the Future Educators Club make reading available and a possibility for these local children.

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