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Tabitha’s Tale

Last updated on February 8, 2016

By Sam Walker, Staff Writer


Tabitha Sherrell is the Coordinator of Student Activities at Volunteer State Community College. She manages the clubs around campus and oversees the Student Government Association (SGA).

She also helps with the distribution of both student IDs and parking decals in the Office of Student Life & Diversity Initiatives.

Originally born in Michigan, Sherrell had her first job at Blimpy Subs.

“I hated it, but it paid for my trip to New York because I was an honor student in high school,” said Sherrell.

She then went on to Siena Heights University to earn her bachelors degree in English communications. While serving as a resident assistant at Sienna Heights, she met her husband who was also an RA.

To achieve her masters degree in education, Sherrell attended the University of Toledo in Ohio. She is currently studying at East Tennessee State University for her doctorate. Sherrell stated she chose her career because, “I wanted to work at college forever.”

Her first job in higher education was as an admissions recruiter during her time at Toledo University.

In 2012, Sherrell started her job at Volunteer State Community College. This was also the year in which she married.

Together they have a daughter who was born in Nov., 2014.

She said her favorite thing about her job was working with the students on a day-to-day basis.

“Anybody that comes in here always has something different that they want to talk or ask about and so it’s always fun to help students in anyway that I can,” said Sherrell.

Sherrell’s family is a large part of her motivation and she also gives credit to her faith as a practicing Christian.

“Regardless if students are believers or not I hope that when they come in contact with me they see me as a person they can talk to,” Sherrell said.

Sherrell hopes to instill these morals and practices in her daughter.

Lori Miller, Secretary of the Student Life and Diversity Initiatives Office, said, “Mrs. Sherrell was very instrumental in my education and getting my masters degree.”

Courtney Southern, student at Vol State, stated that “[Sherrell] is a really caring person, she even kept me from dropping out of school”.

So the next time a guiding hand is needed, look no further than Tabitha Sherrell.

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