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The Cafeteria at Vol State

By: Julio Gautreaux

The Cafeteria at Volunteer state community college, which is known as “The Grill”, has shut down at the end of 2021. The 2022 semester has already kicked off and there are no food options for students at the Vol state campus. Student’s will have to travel off campus to grab something to eat.

Since the closing of The Grill many students have not been able to enjoy lunch in between classes and without having anything to eat throughout the day many students are not able to focus in class.

Food is important, especially for students. Many students relied on The Grill for food throughout the school day. Some students also don’t have much time in between classes to drive off campus to grab some food.  “I used to get food from the cafeteria pretty often, it makes me pretty sad that it shut down and I think many student’s feel the same way” states Vol State student Avery Jones.

“This spring, we will try to secure food trucks to come to the Gallatin campus to offer students options.” states vice president of Volunteer State’s Office of Business and Finance, Beth Carpenter.

The school is pursuing a new vendor who will receive a multi-year contract according to Carpenter. This will take some time though as the bid process will likely not be finalized until the fall semester of this year.

According to an article written by Keturah Tobias and Nathalie Recinos, The Grill was a breakfast and lunch service that was open throughout the day for students and faculty. The Grill also had very good number of options for food from Eggs and bacon to pizza and burgers.

The grill was shut down due to decreased number of student’s buying food last semester. Covid was a part of the reason why.

Paul Fields who was the previous vendor for the Vol State cafeteria has now moved business to Red Rooster in Hendersonville.

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