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The Settler Goes Digital Only

Last updated on February 15, 2020

By Harley Keene

This semester, The Settler student newspaper has gone to a digital-only format ( The paper was originally scheduled to do so this coming fall, but went digital this spring instead.

“The way students and staff receive and intake news and information has changed, primarily to all digital,” said Clay Scott, faculty adviser for The Settler. “This is the main reason the paper is an all digital format now. Another reason is due to less staff it is harder to maintain a print paper without a full staff of writers.”

The paper has been online since 2012, in addition to the print version, but is now only available online. The paper can be accessed through students’ My VolState page, as well as on Facebook (The Settler), Twitter (@TheSettler), Instagram (Settleronline), and Snapchat (Tsettler).

Although there is no app in the making for the  digital paper, “a lot of this is new to The Settler, so I wouldn’t rule it out, but it may be a while,” said Scott.
So students should not count on seeing an app soon but possibly sometime in the future.

The change to digital will give students easier access and information at a more rapid pace to what is happening around campus. Editor Luis Quintanilla, who would usually lay out and edit eight pages worth of the print paper, is now managing the digital paper in a new way.

“I will simply edit the stories as needed and post them to the Settler Online,” said Quintanilla. “This gives the students access to the stories as soon as they are completed, rather than waiting for the paper once a week.

Although students and staff will have to adjust to the change, overall the digital format will be beneficial to students and staff alike, as they can access the media at their fingertips.

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