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TheSettler.Online’s Ultimate Fall Playlist (Opinion)

By: Madelyne VanHemert

The best way to get into a fall mood is by putting on your favorite sweater and listening to your favorite fall music. If you are in need of good fall song recommendations then continue reading my curated fall playlist.

Taylor Swift:

Taylor Swift is personally my favorite artist ever. All the albums included are perfect fall albums, but Evermore really takes the cake for fall vibes. The album cover is fall-themed with her wearing a warm flannel coat.

 In the song “Evermore” she says “Gray November”, The album Evermore is meant to take place in November. 

Folklore is its sister album and is my second favorite album ever, second to Hozier. Nearly every song in Folklore has an undeniable fall coziness to it. 

Red feels like a crisp breeze that signals the beginning of fall. To emphasize my point I will quote All Too Well 10 (Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) “Autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place”.

My favorites: Cowboy Like Me, Ivy, and Cardigan 


Hozier is my second favorite artist ever and has been the only music I have listened to lately. 

His first album Hozier (Expanded Edition) could arguably be the best album of all time. 

Hozier’s voice feels like fall. It is warm and strong and makes you feel like you are sitting in front of a crackling fire.

 If you only listen to one song from this article let it be Jackie and Wilson. 

My favorites: Jackie and Wilson, From Eden, and Work Song

The Neighbourhood & The Arctic Monkeys: 

These two bands are the epitome of a cloudy fall evening. 

These songs make me think of 5 ‘clock in Oct. when the sun is already setting and it is chilly outside. 

The instruments and smooth way the songs are sung are only meant for fall time.

 If Sweater Weather is already on your radar as the perfect fall song, then the rest of these will perfectly match that vibe for you. 

My favorites: Sweater Weather, I Wanna Be Yours, and Do I Wanna Know

Honorable mention: O’ Children by Nick Cage & The Bad Seeds

I can only listen to this song in the fall.

 When I allow this song to play again it makes it feel even more fall-like around me. It is almost unexplainable, this is a song you will have to listen to, and then will likely agree with my statement. O’Children is fall time. 

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