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Thigpen Library Helps Students Study

Last updated on January 28, 2018

The Thigpen Library at Volunteer State Community College offers study rooms to help students work on their assignments in many ways.
There are seven group study rooms available on the second floor, and four of the group study rooms offer Clear Touch Interactive Panels.
Mike Hitzelberger, Library Assistant, said that the Clear Touch Interactive Panels provides internet access and software applications and that the group study rooms have become very popular with students. “I think they like using the group study rooms because they enjoy using the touch screen, especially when they are drawing on the touch screen,” he said.
“The Clear Touch Interactive Panels also offers HDMI, USB, and VGA ports for students to connect their laptops to the touch screen and that the default operating system for the touch screen is Android.”
According to Julie Brown, Technical Services Librarian, the group study rooms are available for use in two-hour increments, and group projects are frequently assigned with technology equipped for students to work on their group assignments.
“These study rooms are utilized on a daily basis, and during midterm and finals, there’s a waiting list for students to use the group study rooms,” said Brown.
“Group study room keys are obtained by asking the circulation desk on the first floor,” said Sarah Smith, Director of Library Services and Learning Resources.
“Reservations for the group study rooms can be made on the phone at 615-230-3400 or by email at”
The Thigpen Library also provides the Silent Study Room that is located at the second floor and is only used for individual study.
Brown said that when students are using the Silent Study Room, they should not talk, and that they should keep their phones and laptops silent, and also that they should keep their headphones low.
“The purpose of the Silent Study Room is to give a quiet experience to students who want to study without being disturbed,” she said.
Besides the group study rooms and the Silent Study Room, The Thigpen Library also has the Practice Presentation Room that is located on the second floor, and is used by students to record themselves and their group, and can hold up to about 5 students.
Hitzelberger said that the Practice Presentation Room offers a camera and a monitor for students to use on their group presentations.
“The monitor can be used as a prompter for students to memorize what they want to say on their presentations, and the camera can go into many angles for students to record their own presentations,” said Hitzelberger.
Brown said that the Practice Presentation Room is intended for group projects and presentations, and offers students options to assist them on their presentations.
“The speech classes use the Practice Presentation Room the most, especially when students from those classes practice on their speeches,” Brown said.
With the amount of options that study rooms have, it can help students improve on their studying.

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