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True Blue Event had successful turnout

Last updated on February 17, 2016

By Sam Walker, Staff Writer

Volunteer State Community College hosted an event on Thursday, Feb. 4, for students interested in transferring to MTSU.

In the Rochelle Center there were many tables set up with specialists tending to each of them.

They offered free refreshments and MTSU merchandise to all participating students.

There was an abundance of available information from pamphlets, illustrations, and sources directly from the university.

Like many schools around the country, MTSU has adopted the One Stop program.

The idea is for students go to one office to ask questions about anything on their campus.

From registration to financial aid One Stop is the office to go to.

They also are the scholarship specialist and help students find the most affordable route to not only going to college, but graduating.

“The MT One Stop provides the one essential office for all student needs on campus,” said Enrollment Coordinator Doug Daigle.

MTSU offers over 200 student activities a year. There are many clubs, fraternities, and other extracurricular available for students.

When looking to join any of these programs, go to the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership(CSIL).

When asked about his thoughts on new students interested in transferring to MTSU, Jacob Walker, Treasurer of Sigma Chi Eta Gamma chapter, said “we are always looking for new pledges to join, I’m part of the best brotherhood in the world as far as Greek institutions go, and I think with our Christian values and heavy public presence that Sigma Chi would be a great way for people to conform to life at a big university.”

MTSU has a variety of different majors. One major particularly is the Concrete Industry Management program which was originated at MTSU.

Advising Manager Eric Miller of the College of Basic and Applied Sciences said, “we just got a brand new science building on campus that cost 147 million dollars to make, so we are constantly growing not only in our number of students, but also our resources for these students.”

Chris Rochelle of the Student Services and Admission Center stated, “the transfer program they have now is much easier and more effective than it used to be.”

“When I transferred to MTSU when I was in college pretty much none of my credits were transferred. Now they even offer guaranteed transfer of scholarships,” said Rochelle.

If students are interested in transferring, contact Mark Murphy, the Transfer Enrollment Coordinator for MTSU.  


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