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Vol State gets land for Wilson Co. campus

Last updated on February 15, 2020

By Georgia Smith 

A new Volunteer State Community College Campus in Wilson County is in the future after a partial land donation from the McFarland family.

As previously reported, the campus will be positioned on a total of 10 acres of land, 2.5 acres of which was donated. It will be located on East Division Street in Mt. Juliet, about half of a mile from the Mt. Juliet Chamber of Commerce. Population growth, said Eric Melcher, Vol State Coordinator of Public Relation and Marketing, was one of the primary reasons of considering the campus. This new addition will make it easier for residents to attend college because of the convenient location.

“I believe it will affect the students. Ones living within Wilson County area will have more diversity and shorter driving distances,” said Vol State student, LaBryian Scharklett.

People can essentially save money and time commuting to their classes, resulting in more study time and more resources to pay for school supplies. Current students will most likely not be affected by this change, but attendees in the future will have the option of a more accessible campus.

The size and timeline of the building is still being determined.

Melcher said that it will be up and running in a couple of years. Although, this new addition is not in the recommended budget, individuals involved with the new campus are hoping it will be added by the state legislature or the governor as a budget item.

“We have submitted a capital project request to the Tennessee Board of Regents system office for the construction of the building.,” said Jerry Faulkner, Vol State President.

“They in turn have submitted the request to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC). THEC did not include our project in the budget recommendation to the Governor although the Governor and/or the Legislature could decide to include the project in the year’s appropriations,” Melcher said.

Once the operation is complete, it will be likely that this Vol State extension, even though smaller, will have the benefits similar to the main campus in Gallatin of clubs, resources, and classes that will be at any and all student’s and staff’s disposal.

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