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Vol State Bookstore offers price matching

Last updated on February 1, 2016

Sara Keen// Editor-in-Cheif


The Bookstore at Volunteer State Community College now offers price matching for textbooks.

It can often be difficult to find an affordable textbook, especially when some can cost upwards of 150 dollars.  

Students can look forward to receiving the best deal on their textbook without having to pay for shipping or fear of being “ripped off” in the end.


Jesse Versage, SGA President, has been pressing for the bookstore to implement price-matching all semester.

“I went to a retreat with all the TBR SGA Presidents and proposed the idea of price-matching, and all the TBR students were on board,” said Versage.

He is hopeful that this will improve the bookstore’s sales, as well as help student’s with financial trouble.  

“I contacted the Vice President of Business, and Finance, then pushed the idea on administration as well as the committee,” said Versage.

He received overwhelming support from students as well as support from the majority of the faculty and staff.

“I am incredibly happy that this was finally implemented.  I put in many hours into this project; it is incredible what students can do when they come together,” said Versage.


Students will be able to save money at the bookstore buy bringing in proof of a competitor’s price.  Hardcopy textbooks will be open for price matching if a student buys or rents the book.

The bookstore will be price matching against competitors including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Chegg.  They will also be price matching against any local businesses.

If a student is renting a textbook, then the competitor’s rental period must match that of the bookstore.  

The bookstore cannot, however, price-match with any student sellers, Amazon warehouse deals, digital books, or publisher-direct prices.

Students must provide a flyer or screenshot of the competitor’s price at the time of purchase or within seven days of making the purchase.

Any refunds provided within the seven-day period will be on a store gift card.

“I think it’s great! I would definitely be more inclined to buy a book from the bookstore because I know it’s not a rip-off,” said Christian Ferguson, a first-time freshman at Vol State.

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