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Vol State cook would rather cook at school than in her kitchen

By Velma Crochet

Nacole Fields, is the head cook at the Vol State Grille. She has been working at Volunteer State Community College since 2012.

The owner of the Vol State Grille, Paul Fields, says his daughter-in-law, who is also his head cook, started working at the grille right out of high school. He also said he enjoys working with her and that he loves her lasagna.

Fields, said she loves cooking at the college but not as much at home. When she cooks at home, she loves making spaghetti or steak with peppers for her family. Pasta of any kind or shape is her favorite food to eat, said Fields.

Fields, favorite meal to cook at VSCC for the students is meatloaf with all the fixings such as mashed potatoes and warm rolls.

“She is a kind person, respectful,” said Carmel Meadors, cafeteria worker at the Vol State Grille.

Meadors, said she has worked with Fields, for the last 4 years and has really enjoyed them working together.

Fields is from Gallatin, Tennessee, and has always lived there.

“It’s the greatest city in America, right?” said Fields.

She graduated from Gallatin High School in 2012 and attended VSCC for some classes as well.

“I’ve just celebrated my sixth wedding anniversary with my husband. We have two beautiful sons, 2-year-old and 5-year-old,” said Fields.

“She is a great mom,” said Paul Fields.

She really enjoys spending quality time with her husband and sons with her off time. Shopping is another relaxing activity when she is not working, cooking or taking care of her beautiful sons, said Fields.

Nacole Fields, favorite book is “Dear John” written by Nicholas Sparks. A story about a solider falling in love with a college student. Even when the solider is called to war their love survives through a bunch of love letters according to goggle.

Nacole Fields, loves the fall in Gallatin, Tennessee.

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