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Vol State Criminal Justice Competition

By Madelyne VanHemert

Vol State hosted a criminal justice competition on Feb. 23, 2024, in Caudill Hall.

The competition included students who are a part of Vol State’s criminal justice program, as well as surrounding high school students who are enrolled in such programs. 

“Over two hundred students participated. There were about eighty volunteers from over 15 agencies that helped with scenarios and judging. The competition tested knowledge in eleven categories that are integral to law enforcement and legal professions,” said Tracy Bradley Vol States criminal justice faculty director.

Students were given the opportunity to show off the skills and knowledge they are cultivating by being put through 10 real-world scenarios such as mock traffic stops, CSI scenes, court cases, and more. 

The Vol State criminal justice program offers a broad range of pathways within the criminal justice field to study. This includes law enforcement, investigation, criminal law, corrections, and more.

These courses are taught by specialists in the field “such as detectives, patrol officers, federal agents, prosecutors, and probation/parole officers,” said the Vol State website. 

There are two options for criminal justice students. 

A student can obtain their university parallel credits, and transfer these credits to a four-year university after two years at Vol State. 

The other path is acquiring an A.A.S. (associate of applied science degree) or a technical certificate. This option requires two years of school and can be completed in full at Vol State.

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