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Vol State makes changes to the science lab fees

Last updated on December 18, 2020

Lab fees are being figured differently in the spring of 2021, picture provided by google.

By Kayla Osborne

Volunteer State Community College has changed the way labs will be conducted and charged due to the pandemic.

Some students have questioned the lab fee costs as certain labs are not being held on campus.

“We were far into the Fall semester before this was called to our attention. Those fees collected were used to support the science programs and fees actually represent only a portion of the costs.  Once we became aware of the issue, we made the decision to modify the lab fee structure for Spring so that a majority of students enrolled in a science course will not have a fee,” said Jerry Faulkner, President of Volunteer State Community College.

For students who are unable to come to campus in the Spring, lab kits will be available upon request to be mailed to them.

“In Spring 2021, in part, because the production of video-recorded laboratories is essentially complete, a lab fee will be collected only for courses that fall into one of two categories. The course includes a required on-ground laboratory component for all students. The course will make available a lab kit for all students to pick up at one of our campuses. Students who cannot come to campus during normal office hours may make a special request for a lab kit to be mailed. Lab fees will not be charged for courses that require students to provide their own materials for lab experiments at home, that do not have on-ground lab activities, or have activities that are different from one section to another,” said Faulkner.

For students who have further questions regarding tuition and fees, the Business Office is available at 615-230-3585.

“The Business Office assists students and parents with student account information and payment of fees, and also assists faculty and staff with travel reimbursements, vendor payments, budget transfers and other related questions,” according to the business office website.

More information regarding tuition and fees can be located on the Vol State website.

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