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Vol State men’s basketball team start in November

By Ryan Hanna

The Volunteer State Community College men’s basketball team played three games Saturday, Oct. 9, in Cummings, Georgia.

It lost two of three games in the scrimmages, against Caldwell Community College, East Georgia State College and Central Georgia Technical College. The Vol State Pioneers have three more preseason games before the start of the regular season.

The regular season starts Nov. 2, at Wallace State. Vol State Head Coach Rusty Melvin said that he anticipates much of the same team from last season to return to the court this fall. That core includes wingman Terrance Cross, guard Antuan Rhodes-Williams, point guard Jaylen Singh, point guard Peyton West, and point Brennon Marsh.

When asked what the team needs to work on and what expectations for the season are, guard Kailon Benton-Hamilton said, “Probably just trying to get a few more games under our belt, it’s a new group of guys, so establish some chemistry and talk out a few things.”

 He said he expects the team to try to win the conference this season and even make it to nationals.

One player to watch is point Brennon Marsh. Coach Melvin said that Brennon Marsh was an All-Conference Second Team in 2020-2021, and was the team’s leading rebounder. Guard Antuan Rhodes-Williams also made the All-Conference Second Team, as well as being the team’s leading three-point shooter last year.

“We were 1-14, had five returning players, number 20, Peyton West was Freshman of the Year,” he said of last season.

This season, however, the team plays 18 conference games. It faces nine conference opponents twice, once at home and once on the road. Most of the conference games are late in the season, and the team finishes the year with a conference match-up Feb. 19 against Chattanooga State.

Students may find the updated game schedule on the Vol State Athletics page.

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