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Vol State Orientation underway for new students

By Georgia Smith Freshman orientation for Volunteer State Community College is set through August for the fall 2021 and Spring 2022 semesters. Each campus has different dates and times for students and parents to attend with a virtual option for those who cannot make the in-person orientation. 

“During orientation, we focus on what it takes to be a successful college student and the resources Vol State provides to students to help them achieve that success,” said Jessica Lewis , Special Assistant for Strategic Initiatives and QEP Director.  

Orientation is to help students get a successful start for the year where they will meet their advisor and walk away with their term schedule.  

“The most important thing all students need to do is regularly check their Vol State email. This is how the college communicates with students. By checking emails regularly, students will know what is needed and what is expected at orientation. Being prepared for orientation and college helps students be successful,” said Dr. Anna-Marie Mckee, Assistant Vice President for Student Services. 

This orientation process is going to help students learn the process of college life by introducing material needed for their upcoming tasks they must complete before their classes. Lewis encourages freshman to already have an idea of what classes they are going to take and what time of day they want their classes. 

“If you aren’t a morning person, signing up for an 8:00 AM class may not be the best option,” Lewis said.  

A few things that need to be completed before orientation is having your transcript and test scores sent to Vol State and know how to login to your Vol State account. This orientation will be a bit different from last year’s because of it going back to a partial in-person visit. Most things will be the same for students though. 

So, if you were with a family member or friend in previous orientations, this will be very similar. 

“Starting college can seem overwhelming. Just know that we are here to help you through this process!” said Lewis. 

All of the faculty and staff are here to help anyone with questions and are always ready to be a form of support. 

“We are so excited to have students back on campus. Faculty and staff are here to help students reach their academic goals,” said McKee.  

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