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Vol State Spring Showcase

By Abigail Vaughn

Vol State Community College’s Music Department is hosting a Spring Showcase on Friday, April 26. The Showcase will start at 7:30 p.m. in the Wemyss Auditorium (Caudill Hall). 

Jazz and Bluegrass students will be showcasing their work in ensembles, lessons and theater involvement. There will also be piano students of Dr. Nicholas Reynolds performing.  

This is an opportunity for music students to write concert reports on their classmates and fellow students. 

“It’s a dynamic performance of music majors and their crafts at Vol State and reflects the work we’ve been doing all semester,” said Professor Graves, a professor in the Music Faculty and Department Chair. 

The participating students range from first-semester to final-semester students.  

“It’s a way to showcase students working together on a common goal. I have been performing at the showcase every semester since I started at Vol State and it’s always really cool to see what everyone’s been working on throughout the semester,” said Kathryn Hoxie, a student at Vol State. 

The jazz (commercial) ensemble’s preparation is a semester’s worth of rehearsals. 

“We meet every class and practice the music we’ll be performing, along with some other songs that don’t make their way to the stage. The entire semester is used to learn new songs, improve our playing, and connect with the music and each other so we can present it at the showcase,” said Hoxie. 

“Attending the showcase is a great way to see what’s happening at the school, especially for students who aren’t involved in Humanities. Just like attending a Vol State basketball game or baseball game, it’s an awesome way to support your classmates and celebrate the diverse population of students that work hard throughout the semester. It’s also just a fun night to enjoy music and it’s free,” said Hoxie.  

For more information about this Showcase visit this link

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