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Vol State students speak on the mask mandate removal

Last updated on November 22, 2021

By Bailey Guy

The mask mandate has been lifted for Volunteer State Community College as a result of Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signing the Omnibus COVID Bill Friday, Nov. 12. The Settler polled students on their opinions on the mask mandate being lifted.

“I am neutral on the issue — While it is excellent that Vol State has seen few cases of COVID as of lately to make much of an impact on the College, and so, the mask mandate is no longer in effect on Campus we all still should be careful. We had seen Vol State lift these mask requirements before, only to return to them as cases increased again, leading back to a mask mandate, so rushing to change such policies without careful consideration will only lead to another cycle. It would be best to still follow proper protocols, such as social distance, good hygiene, and all required State Health and Safety Guidelines even now without masks,” said the Student Government Association president, Hevgir Tayip.

“I think that the mask mandate being lifted is a great step to getting things back to normal. I know a lot of people (including myself) will start to enjoy being on campus now that wearing masks are no longer required,” said the Campus Activity Board chairperson, Skylar Latham.

“Even with or without masks there is still of risk of getting covid, and the masks make it harder to breathe and we’re breathing in the fibers that the masks pick up throughout the day. So I’m pleased to finally be free of the mandate,” said Josh Bolton.

“I am glad the mask mandate has been lifted for a couple reasons. I think it’s a hassle to try and find a mask every time I enter a building and it’s also very wasteful with all the disposable masks that are used once then thrown away. It will also be nice to be able to see and communicate with other students and instructors without a mask interfering,” said Caid Sanders.

“I think it’s great that masks are no longer required at Vol State anymore. I’ve never been a fan of the masks so it’s great that it isn’t required on campus anymore,” said Alex Qualls.

“It shows a very good change coming to our school and country that we are making progress in this pandemic and hopefully we can move out of the phase where we’re being forced to wear masks,” said Hayden Eaton.

Although The Settler polled numerous students, it did not receive any negative responses to the mask mandate removal.

While masks are no longer required, students and staff are still encouraged to stay home if they are around anyone sick or sick themselves. They may report COVID cases to the vice president of Student Services via email. The Settler reports student and faculty cases across all campuses daily.

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