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Vol State to renovate Quad area

Last updated on February 18, 2018


By Presley Green

The area at Volunteer State Community College between the Warf Building and Thigpen Library, known as the Quad, will be renovated in the next five years.

One major change is replacing the current row of juniper trees with deciduous hardwood trees that provide more visibility and shade, according to Will Newman, senior director of plant operations. More hardwood trees will be planted throughout the new Quad over the next five years.

Eventually, a plaza with tables and chairs will be added, and walkways will be widened, according to Newman. A second seating area is also going to be added outside Pickel Field House.

Another improvement to the Quad will be leveling out the ground to improve drainage and grass cover so events and sports gatherings can be held there more practically, wrote Newman.

The leveling is still under review, but the seating area is considered a capital project and will be implemented over the next three to five years, according to Newman. Currently, the project is still in the logistics stage of determining how to design the new Quad with its new features.

The changes are to make the Quad a more popular place for students to study and socialize, according to a graphic provided by Newman.

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