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Vol State Valentine’s Week Weather Report

By Emmanuel Ayele

With Valentine’s Day around the corner this coming Wednesday, the Vol State campus and the city of Gallatin has the potential to have good weather for this week. 

There had been scattered showers that occurred around Gallatin and the Vol State campus that Monday morning and continued to shower throughout the whole day. 

However, with Tuesday and throughout the rest of the week, the city of Gallatin and the Vol State campus may have sunny days but cold weather continuing throughout February. 

“Well as far as I know right now, we will be in our normal schedule for this week with no weather delays nor school closures. However, it will be sunny (Tuesday) and Wednesday with a chance of the outside being the late 50s,” said Tami Wallace Vol States Director of Marketing, Communications, and Media Services. 

Wallace shared that with the bitterly cold weather that may continue throughout February and March, Vol State will remain in its normal schedule with no foreseen delays. 

“Right now, it has been a mild winter so far. I think this afternoon (Monday), we are supposed to have a cold front with some strong winds and possibly some storms but no extreme weather this week overall. Just the coldness throughout February like usual,” said Darrell Rogers, Executive Administrative Assistant. 

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