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Vol State welcomes new Assistant Vice President of Student Services

by Kailyn Fournier

As of Aug. 15, Talia Koronkiewicz, has been Volunteer State Community College’s new assistant vice president for student services. Her role oversees TRIO, the Of ce of Disability Services, and the Of ce of Student Life and Diversity.

All three departments report directly to her. Though Koronkiewicz has only been at Vol State for little over a month now, she has already made an impression on Kathy Sowell, who is the director of the disability services.

“So far it’s been very positive,” said Sowell. According to Sowell, Koronkiewicz also, “has a lot of energy…Is very task oriented… [As well as] very motivated.”

The position for assistant vice president of student services opened up for Koronkiewicz when the former assistant vice president, Emily Short, was promoted to Vice President of Student Services.

“I felt like this role was written just for me,” said Koronkiewicz.

However, for those few months before Koronkiewicz, there was no assistant vice president.

“We desperately needed that position,” said Sowell, who had to report directly to the Vice President of Student Services.

“Without a very important position, the Vice president didn’t have a lot of time,” said Sowell. There was less of an outside opinion with that dynamic. Now that the position is filled, Sowell said, “I look forward to having an outside perspective.”

“Her skills are [also] in areas we need,” said Sowell, which includes Con ict Resolution & Mediation Training, Community College Administers Training as well as organizing and implementing various student events.

Koronkiewicz’s skills also apply to the student conduct and disciplinary process which she is in charge of. If a student is ever reported, they will go to Koronkiewicz.

She says she wants to handle situations like those in a productive manner. It is her goal to teach those students how to act appropriately in a professional setting.

Before Vol State, Koronkiewicz, worked in the Student Life Department at McHenry County College, Crystal Lake, IL. It was there that Koronkiewicz “servedasthestudentconductof cer andcoordinatorofbothStudentLife and Campus Activities,” according to

She was involved in educating her former college community on student rights, classroom management, and student support services. She also helped create programs such as Latino Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, and the Student Awards Ceremony at her Governing Board at McHenry, she previous College.

“I’m absolutely committed to the community college mission,” said Koronkiewicz, “I’m very excited to be here.”

Koronkiewicz has also had experience being an advisor.

When she advised the Student increased the membership by over 300 percent. She said she hopes that she can do something similar here.

“My goal is to create a comprehensive student engagement plan… [even though] We are already doing a lot on campus to get people engaged,” said Koronkiewicz.

Also, as of this summer, Koronkiewicz has obtained a Master of Arts, Bachelor of Science and, most recently, a Doctorate of Education. In addition, Koronkiewicz was also a 2016 American Association of Women in Community Colleges 40 under 40 Recipient.

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