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Vol State’s snow days policy explained

By Harley Keene 

Most students hope for snow days during the Winter months, but college snow days are different than those of public-school snow days. To start with, college snow days are fairly rare, and have nothing to do with public schools closing or delays.

If Volunteer State Community College closes for a snow day, that decision is made by President Faulkner, and only applies to the Gallatin campus. When making a decision to close campus or delay classes, President Faulkner “Wakes up early in the morning usually around 3:30 or 4:00 a.m.,” states Coordinator of Public Relations and Marketing, Eric Melcher. After getting confirmation from President Faulkner to close campus or delay classes, the Public Relations office works to release the information as quickly as possible so that all students are able to see the announcement.

Once a decision is made, students who are signed up for text updates from the school will get a message. Students can also check the school website at, and an announcement will be posted on the home page, as well as the main Facebook page Local news stations will also report of any closings or delays, but should not be solely relied on, as they may only have an approximation of things like class times.

The biggest snow day difference students that are used to public school snow days should be aware of are class responsibilities. Students coming from a public-school system are used to snow days being a “free day,” but in college, there is still work to do, even if the campus is closed. Students should be aware of their professor’s syllabi snow day policies, as well as check their accounts to see what work their professors have assigned in the event of a delay or closure.

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